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CF Saturday Tournament 11/7/15 – Power Stone

Power Stone Free Tournament! (11/7/15)

This week, we begin NEOVEMBER, a month of official tournament debuts (plus an update to a mainstay)! In this inaugural week, get thrown into a whole new world (and crates, fire, etc.) with POWER STONE on SEGA DREAMCAST!One of the pinnacles of the arena fighter genre, Power Stone is fast-paced with loads of beautiful locales, a striking cast, and a litany of things to harm your opponent with! Grab all three Power Stones to become a super-powered version of yourself and lay the smack down! This is a tournament you don’t want to miss.RULESET:-Best of 3 matchesAs usual, the action all goes down beginning at 8PM, but BE SURE TO ARRIVE EARLY to guarantee yourself a spot! We’ll see you this Saturday at Control Freak Video Games!